kittybrat (kittybrat) wrote in newburycomics,

Newbury Comics going down in flames...

This may just be the Nashua, NH, store, but I'm not sure. Word from the inside (know a kid who just left working at newby's) is that Newbury Comics has all of their cds and dvds on sale for 20% off the labeled price because they want to get rid of the cds/movies and sell only the other crap they have there. Basically they want to turn it into a Spencers/Hot Topic type of place.

This is bullshit.

I guess I'll have to check out Bull Moose since they're the only other place you can find really good cds. Apparently they're even cheaper than Newby's.
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i really doubt that. the stuff barely sells! (oh, i used to work there).
it's happening at the nashua store. i know the stuff barely sells but apparently all of their cds and dvds are on sale for that reason.
all i can say about that is that this has been like the 3rd or 4th sale of that nature this year...
none of you have any idea what you are talking about. seriously. it's a just a run of the mill sale, not a clearance. they just opened a brand new store and it is in conjunction with that.
hey, i'm just trying to figure out what's going on since i got the news from someone who just left the store in question. iiiiiiiiiiii don't want it to be true, which is why i'm trying to find out what the hell is going on. calm down.
since newbury started getting in dvds, they've done 20% off sales. It's just a yearly sale. That's really it.
The Nashua store does (or did) all right, as I recall when I worked for Newbury.
I work at the Nashua Newbury Comics, and its just another sale, just like every other sale we have. nothing else, its not were going outa buisness or anything.
"This is bullshit."

Indeed it is. That kid you know is an uninformed moron.
okay, you can leave it at uninformed. there was no need to call my friend a moron just because he was misinformed.
No, if he was only repeating something he heard somewhere THEN he would be simply be misinformed. But since he "just left working at newby's" and actually believes that stuff was on sale to get rid of the CDs and DVDs to only sell the other crap, then he is a fucking moron. Because only a moron or a retard--I'm sorry, your friend's not retarded, is he?--would think that. Sales are to get people to come into the store and shop. And hopefully also buy some stuff that's NOT on sale. Duh.

I wonder why he left Newbury.... *cough*fired*cough*
Seriously I've never noticed that not to mention they have new DVDs and CDs every week and that's like the main reason everyone goes there.
alright, the end to the post.
i've already come to the conclusion that the kid who used to work there was misinformed.