Kenick (jenbugg) wrote in newburycomics,

Kick Out The Jams this Thursday!!

GHOULS IN THE GARAGE crashes TT's in Central Square on the Third Thursday of every month, digging up an orgy of mind-blowing tracks from rock's rawest cemetery!

DJs Mary Widow and J. Cannibal spin RAW & RARE 60s punk, garage, hard psych, psychobilly and scuzz. From The Sonics to The Cramps and beyond, party like it's 1969 with blown out cuts from the fiercest animals in rock n roll!

Plus, Terri will be pouring in the lounge to fuel your Thursday thirst.

We were so psyched to see how many people got their stomp on last month that we're adding go-go girls this time around to keep that dancefloor energy going. We're also bringing more films to project and, since the Sox season is over, we'll also have cult classics playing on the tv over by the bar.

Cheap pool, stiff drinks and vintage horror flicks projected all night long! 18+ and only five bucks!!!

Click here to see the event

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