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Auditions! Boston!

Auditions for: FORBIDDEN ZONE – LIVE!

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Forbidden Zone is coming to the stage! The 1980 cult classic written by Richard Elfman (Freeway) and composed by and featuring his brother Danny Elfman (Nightmare before Christmas, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure) is being debuted this year live and on stage for the very first time. This is the official(Elfman approved!) premiere of Forbidden Zone. The production team for this performance is so excited to have the opportunity to bring Forbidden Zone to the stage. We are seeking equally enthusiastic performers to help us bring it to life.

Oingo Boingo fans and midnight movie mavens will love this bizarre black-and-white feature packed with music, madness, and members of the Elfman clan. The story revolves around the Hercules family, who live in a house that just happens to hide a secret entrance to the Sixth Dimension in the basement. When daughter Frenchy skips school one afternoon, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to the forbidden door, and winds up a prisoner in this alternate world. King Fausto, the diminutive leader of the Sixth Dimension, is enamored with the beautiful young Frenchy and keeps her in the same cell as his favorite concubines, despite the disapproval of Queen Doris. Frenchy's brother, Flash, follows her into the Forbidden Zone with Gramps in tow, intending to save her, but they too are captured and must call school chum Squeezit for help. Squeezit tries to assist, but ends up captured and decapitated by Satan, though this development doesn't keep his disembodied noggin from flying about and informing King Fausto that the Queen is planning to dispose of his beloved Frenchy. The appearance of the King's first wife and the kidnapping of his topless daughter further confuse matters, but everything is wrapped up neatly with an elaborate song and dance number at the conclusion. ~ Fred Beldin, All Movie Guide (

We are currently casting performers who can carry a tune, dance a few steps and pull off a joke. We are looking for a solid and committed cast, as this show will be running from November –March with several breaks. Performances will be in New England, primarily in Boston and Derry N.H. Actors will be compensated. This production is non-equity.
Audition Info:
When: Sunday June 11th 2pm.
Where: 1171 Boylston St. Apt 12. Boston, Ma
What to prepare:

- A brief (1 min) comedic monologue, either from the film(we will have a few sides available)or one that you already know and are comfortable with.
- 16 bars of your favorite tune. The music is by Danny Elfman (Oingo Boingo, The Nightmare Before Xmas, Beetlejuice) so anything jazzy and upbeat would be appreciated. **the soundtrack is available on Itunes and local stores**
- There will be a short dance audition. Please wear something that allows for movement.
Any Questions, please contact:
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